About Us

What is a Chickster?

Honestly, we weren’t 100 percent sure, even after we decided to name our magazine that. We’re not totally sure it’s actually a word, but we know we like the sound of it. It sounds really, well, cool.

So to help us determine what it is, we did the only logical thing. We Googled it.

According to the Urban Dictionary, which is something online we’ve stumbled upon that we’ve never heard of until this moment (so obviously it’s extremely credible), a chickster is a “cool lady.”

That seems fair enough. We certainly think we’re cool ladies. If you’re reading this and carrying around two X chromosomes, you’re probably a cool lady too. In fact, we think all our friends, moms and sisters are cool ladies also.

Think our definition of a cool lady is too broad? We think not. We know so many dynamic and interesting women that live in this amazing city that we wanted to do something to give back. So what are three magazine-obsessed and publishing-savvy chicksters to do? Why create their own blog, of course, and work to turn it into a print magazine one day.

We hope through Chickster to create both a forum and a community of cool ladies hell bent on getting the most out of life in Austin, Texas. We love spider rolls, the Alamo Drafthouse, local artists, thrift store finds, theme parties, SoCo, chick lit, vampires, yoga, brunch, and Mexican Martinis, just for starters. We like to rock out, on stage and off.

While we focus on all things Austin, we hope that Chickster will strike a chord with women everywhere looking to get the most out of every day and night, whether it’s revering empowering chick television shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer or movies starring a character named Darcy with a wet white shirt. We want to make these pages resonate with you. This is our Chickster promise.

-From the co-founders and editors of Chickster

Recently we were asked for the full Chickster story. How did y’all meet?

Cynthia and Kelly first met while studying abroad one summer across the pond at Oxford and bonded over pints of cider at the local pub and a lively discussion of the finer points of Jane Austen and British rock and roll. The intrepid travelers were reunited in Austin due to their penchant for free turkey sandwiches.

Shelby and Cynthia sat next to each other in French class at UT where they were forced to converse in a foreign language but became amies anyway. Switching to their native tongue, conversations much improved due to their shared affinity for writing (en anglais s’il vous plait), traveling, and films.

Kelly and Shelby met over mimosas celebrating Cynthia’s twenty-something birthday. Kelly was shocked to discover Shelby had only recently begun viewing Buffy the Vampire Slayer for the first time and spent the next hour trying to convince her to go home and finish the entire show, or life would be meaningless. And the rest, dear readers, is history.

Our alter egos: Kaylee in Firefly, Rose of Doctor Who, and Hit Girl from Kick-Ass.