Tune into the ATX Television Festival This Weekend

Tune into the ATX Television Festival This Weekend

You’ve got one night left. That’s one night to binge-watch as many series as you can so you’ll be ready for the third season of the ATX Television Festival, which premieres tomorrow here in Austin and runs through Sunday. On Netflix, “Orange Is the New Black” would take you around 12 hours. “Archer” would probably be more like 17 hours. “Friday Night Lights”? Let’s be honest: If you haven’t seen “FNL” yet, you should probably call in sick and marathon as much as you can before tomorrow night’s community screening at the Hotel San Jose. Your best bet on Netflix might be “Rectify,” which checks in at a scant 4.5 hours but packs an emotional wallop that lingers for weeks. Over on Hulu, you can watch the first season of “About a Boy” or check out the few episodes we were lucky enough to get of the criminally-underrated-and-devastatingly-cancelled-already “Enlisted.” Feeling nostalgic? The entire run of “Hey Dude” is streaming on Amazon Prime.

“Orange Is the New Black,” “Archer,” “Friday Night Lights,” “Rectify,” “About a Boy,” “Enlisted” and “Hey Dude” are just a small sampling of the shows that will be featured during this year’s ATX Festival. The main action of the festival takes place downtown at the Stephen F. Austin Intercontinental Hotel, the State Theater and the Alamo Ritz, with auxiliary events found in other locales around town. The first panels of each day kick off at 10 a.m.


From Friday to Sunday, badgeholders and walk-up attendees will be treated to panels that include screenings of beloved shows past, present and future as well as Q&A sessions with actors, showrunners and others involved behind-the-scenes. There’s so much going on that you’ll wish you could clone yourself (which reminds me, there’s an “Orphan Black” panel too), but our picks for Friday include “Orange Is the New Black,” “Archer,” “Revenge,” “Rectify” and “Justified.” Saturday has the most offerings, and we recommend prioritizing “Orphan Black,” “Enlisted,” “The Night Shift,” “Parenthood,” “About a Boy,” “Witches of East End” and Guillermo del Toro’s hotly anticipated “The Strain.” On Sunday, we’ll be powering through and definitely checking out two supernatural shows, “Roswell” and “Hemlock Grove.”

In addition, there are also several industry-centric panels designed with both those angling for a chance to work in television and those who just gosh-darn love TV in mind. Some of those from this year’s lineup that we’re looking forward to include “Are You Listening? Fine-Tuning the Television Soundtrack,” “It’s All So Dramatic: Evolution of the TV Drama” and “Pairing Off: A Look at Co-Creating and Writing Partners.”

Like any good festival, ATX Festival includes some secret happy hours, after-parties and the like, so stay tuned to their Twitter account and you just might find yourself drinking next to your favorite TV star.

For more information and a full guide to ATX Festival, click here.

Are you attending the ATX Festival this year? Which of these shows are your favorites? Are there any you’d love to see come to ATX in the future?

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