The Remembering Process made this Chickster time travel

The Remembering Process made this Chickster time travel

I don’t read outside the Dummies canon very often for self-improvement, but the concept behind a new book recently caught my attention: if you can visualize your goals as if you’ve already completed them successfully, it can help you reverse-engineer your desired outcome as well as calm your nerves about it, push out fear and basically get out of your own way. But that’s the concept in my words. The way authors Daniel Barrett and Joe Vitale say it is much better, in their new book The Remembering Process

How they describe it is using your imagination to remember instead of create, because “it’s easier to remember than create.” Using this creative technique is said to help anyone create, produce, invent and resolve just about anything. The authors themselves, both musicians (one being someone who appeared in the movie The Secret, a famous technique which is touched-on briefly in this book as well), use it to create successful albums very quickly and they even used it to co-author this book.

I do believe the power of imagination can certainly get you into a mind frame that can lead to success, but sometimes in this book, they write as if consciousness is actually capable of time traveling, since the future “already exists”. That’s a little too metaphysical for me and I’m sure many would agree, but that doesn’t  mean that this visualization tool can’t work for you. And they acknowledge this well, in a chapter where they basically talk directly to the skeptic, which is the type of balance a book like this needs. I’m also inclined to think that a jazz musician would appreciate this book the most, since the writing style reminds me of scatting.

But I will share a very funny story about this book’s affect on me:

I feel asleep at 5 a.m. after finishing the book last night (I couldn’t put it down), and this morning I woke up and composed an email where I invited Austin book stores to put my two published books, A Guy and  A Girl, a Dog and a Cat and Zombies and Periphery, on their shelves by providing ordering information. When I got to Book People, I looked up my books’ titles just for fun, having no reason to expect they would be there, but they were. They’re selling my books at Book People. On a similar whim, I decided to look up my books at Barnes & Noble. They’re selling my books there, too! Even in locations in England!

Then I freaked out. I turned to my husband. “My consciousness has time traveled! Daniel and Joe said it would!”

“Who?” he asked, waking groggily. “Go back to sleep,” he told me.

But I wasn’t dreaming. They’re selling my books at Book People and Barnes & Noble. Right after I visualized that they would as I composed an email to make it happen that I never sent. But it wasn’t the “remembering process”. It was just an amazing coincidence….

Or was it?

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  1. Wow, maybe I need to give The Remembering Process a try too! It sounds like it works!

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