Guest Post: Electric Bicycle Food Truck Tour with Rocket Electrics

Guest Post: Electric Bicycle Food Truck Tour with Rocket Electrics

By Carolyn, your occasional Chickster guest blogger
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It is always super fun for me to come visit Chickster blogger Cynthia, because she is basically the expert on fun things to do in Austin. All I have to do is tag along.

photo 2One of these fun things to do is the Electric Bicycle Food Truck Tour with Rocket Electrics. An electric bicycle, turns out, is one of the best ways to get around downtown Austin – no traffic, no lengthy search for parking and no hoofing it down Sixth Street in the sweltering heat. And while I love a good Segway tour (I know they look stupid but they are actually super fun to ride on), they aren’t really allowed on the sidewalks and bike paths that lace the city. On our tour, we hit Riverside, Rainey Street, Sixth Street, and Ladybird Lake with a minimum of travel distance and without searching endlessly for parking.

And while bicycles are cool, what is even cooler is not having to get up all those hills all by yourself. Bicycle purists may call me lazy, but let’s be real, there is a limit to the amount of pedaling that I can do with a quarter pound of brisket in my stomach. Maybe you’re tougher than I am, and if that’s the case, the motor is optional – go ahead and pedal.

And you may want to do at least some pedaling to justify all the delicious things that you are going to eat. The food truck tour is flexible and changes depending on the tour participants – call ahead to discuss options – but highlights for our tour included:

  • Walnut-infused bourbon at Buzzmill Coffee (consider splitting this with a friend since you are cycling)CraftPride
  • Fatty brisket at Blue Ox (it’s hard to find brisket this good in town! Smoked overnight on an old smoker from Franklin’s, at this food trailer you probably won’t have to wait in line more than five minutes.)
  • The Buffalo Burger at Casino el Camino (I swear, I think they have been making this burger for a decade and it is still that good.)
  • Tasting flight of Texas beers at Craft Pride
  • Delicious Detroit style pizza at Via 313
  • German Chocolate cheesecake bites at The Celia Jacobs Cheesecake Experience

This is the type of tour that I could basically spend all day on. I was stuffed but sad when we rode our bikes back to the shop!

Rocket Electrics (on Riverside) sell, rent, and service electric bicycles. And as a disclaimer, we got a discount because C. is a journalist.

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4 Comments to “Guest Post: Electric Bicycle Food Truck Tour with Rocket Electrics”

  1. Thanks for the post Cary! That sounds like a lot of fun!

  2. Thanks for the post! This sounds like a blast. How was the beer at Craft Pride?

  3. Everything we tried in our flight of beers was awesome! If you want to go sometime, I’m definitely up for going back.

  4. It was super fun! And I was definitely a fan of Craft Pride. The local beer scene has really picked up since I moved away.

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