Chickster Speaks about Blogging and Social Media at Crave Event

Chickster Speaks about Blogging and Social Media at Crave Event

One-third of Chickster spoke at a CRAVE event last Thursday titled “Starting a Relationship with Your Blog, Facebook and Twitter,” and boy what an intelligent and informative group of women (both within the panel and the audience.)

If you haven’t heard of CRAVE yet, it’s a curated collection of shops and businesses brought to you by exceptional women entrepreneurs. The Austin branch is headed by Sarah Davis, Austin’s city partner, who hosted this event at Heartsong Music.

Kelly Lindner spoke to the ins and outs of starting and promoting personal and co-founded blogs, such as and

Jenn Larson spoke very well about the business side of blogging, which she has a great deal of experience with through the handling of all blogging for Bump Club and Beyond Austin.

Bradi Fisher helped with navigating the minutia of Facebook, something she’s well-versed in since she’s currently building her own social media company. Currently, she performs social media for both Cheer Up Buttercups and Great Moments in Parenting.

Leah Milius gave a very informative discussion of Twitter’s finer points and misconceptiCRAVE austinons. Currently, the owner of Windspeed Digital, a social media and digital marketing company, she’s certainly well-versed in everything Twitter, social media and marketing.

Suzi Brown guided the audience through the elusive waters of the new Google+. As a strategic marketing consultant with various previous roles at GSD&M under her belt, Suzi certainly knows how to steer effective marketing strategies with the use of tools like Google+ and others.

Overall it was a fount of knowledge and a very successful meeting of many intelligent minds in the female entrepreneurial space. If you have a chance to catch a CRAVE event in the future, I highly recommend it.

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