Hulu Pick of the Week: Dating Rules From My Future Self

Hulu Pick of the Week: Dating Rules From My Future Self

If you don’ t have a lot of time but you want to watch something cute that makes you reminisce about how great a show “Roswell” was, you’ve got to check out “Dating Rules From My Future Self.” hasn’t been this charming, well, since “Roswell” and she completely tops her performance in that beloved show, in this slightly sci-fi, totally modern take on what you might do and how you might behave if you were receiving texts from your future self about…dating.

Appleby plays Lucy, a completely charming mid-twenties girl with two super cool roommates, a great job (she tests apps) and a seemingly great fiance. Yet it turns out her finance doesn’t have any faith in her, even when her co-workers swoon over her amazing app idea: What if you could input your ideal lifestyle and your actual lifestyle into an app that would start dealing out advice that would help you become the ideal you? But when Lucy starts getting mysterious texts from “Unknown,” the advice is much more spot-on and impossibly forward-thinking than is even believable, especially when the elusive “Unknown” claims to be her, 10 years in the future.

Overall it has a cute story, great characters (her roommates are girlfriends any girl would want [not many girls would put on monster feet and embarrassing pajama pants to help their friend look good in front of their ex) and eye candy to boot. It’s certainly worth a watch if you have time for 9, 8-minute episodes.

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3 Comments to “Hulu Pick of the Week: Dating Rules From My Future Self”

  1. I just finished the first season, and this show is adorable! Thanks for featuring it. Two superficial comments: (1) the clothes and the styling are great, and (2) seriously, how do you not go back for seconds of the Topher sorbet?!

    Have you watched the next season? I’m guessing it has an all-new cast since Lucy’s story is pretty much wrapped up.

  2. I watched the first ten minutes of the second season and though I love that chick in “Vampire Diaries,” it just didn’t grab me.

  3. […] I was lucky enough to catch the brand new “Kristin’s Christmas Past” on Lifetime this past week and was pleasantly surprised to see a reasonably-done movie involving time travel, Christmas and one of my favorite “Roswell” co-stars (Shiri Appleby). (Think “Back to the Future” with Christmas.) And I tend to enjoy the time-travel-themed movies Shiri picks, especially the recent “Dating Rules from my Future Self.” […]

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