Going Steady with Fit Steady: Week 1

Going Steady with Fit Steady: Week 1

As I wrote about last week, Chickster is teaming up with Fit Steady, a local online matchmaking service that helps you find the best personal trainer for your needs and goals.

Melanie Weinberger, founder and Matchmaker Extraordinaire of Fit Steady, sent me a detailed questionnaire about my fitness habits, lifestyle and goals along with the fields to spell out exactly what I was looking for out of my Fit Steady experience and out of a personal trainer.

Within 48 hours of submitting my questionnaire, Melanie got back to me to tell me about my perfect-match trainer, Mary De Leon of Cornerstone Heath and Fitness Training Studio. Not only was Cornerstone less than 10 minutes from my house, but Mary was available during the day (my preferred workout time) and also specializes in postural strength, something I’ve been in desperate need of, well, probably my whole life but even more so now that I work from my couch all day.

Fit Steady provides you the option of choosing monthly training sessions that range from two half-hour sessions per month ($66) up to eight one-hour sessions per month ($472), and no matter which package you select, you get a complimentary one-hour fitness orientation, during which your trainer will discuss your goals and your current habits, take your measurements and start you on the road to fitness success.

As soon as I walked into Cornerstone, I felt immediately comfortable. I’ve had a gym membership for years, but when I walk in to my gym, ‘comfortable’ isn’t really the adjective that springs to mind. Cornerstone is clean, spacious, thoughtfully laid out and includes a range of equipment, in addition to two bathrooms complete with shower facilities. Mary put me at ease right away with her smile and outgoing personality, and she was gracious enough to answer any and all of the questions I had about health, nutrition and fitness. I even emailed her a question after training about how I should store the Ezekiel bread I’d picked up in the frozen foods section, and she was quick to respond, generous with an answer and even threw in a recipe for good measure.

Throughout the measurement process, our conversation and our first run-through of some exercises, Mary helped me feel that the fitness and nutrition changes we discussed were doable, which is a big change from a lot of the bootcamp or other personal training sessions I’ve done. She even said I could start off by going to the gym just three days a week, and for the first time, I didn’t feel like I was setting myself up to fail.

I’m excited to take this journey with Fit Steady and Mary, and I hope I end up in a place where I can stand a little straighter.

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  1. That sounds awesome! Can’t wait to hear more about your experience!

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