Covered Tracks: Heartbeats

Covered Tracks: Heartbeats

Sometimes you hear a cover of a popular song you thought you knew and it’s like hearing it for the first time. For your listening pleasure, here are some covered tracks I’ve been playing on repeat.

HeartbeatsKUT recently introduced me to the Louisiana synth-pop band, Royal Teeth. I was immediately taken with their cover of the tune Heartbeats,¬†originally by electronic Swedish duo, The Knife. Royal Teeth’s version has an almost retro, New Wave sound and an infectious kick drum beat perfectly layered under Nora Patterson’s plaintive voice.

Like what you hear? The band will soon be making a stop in Austin for a show at Stubb’s right after Christmas.

I first became familiar with this song when folk artist Jose Gonzales recorded a considerably more laid-back version. Paired with beautiful guitar picking, the lyrics are sung sweetly, stripped of the underlying venom in the original, with gently captivating results. His take on Heartbeats was used for what might be my all-time favorite TV spot, Sony Bravia’s epic commercial of 170,000 bouncing balls¬†triumphantly hurdling down the steep and scenic streets of San Francisco. It just makes me happy.

What do you think? Which band did it better?

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4 Comments to “Covered Tracks: Heartbeats”

  1. I only knew Jose Gonzales’ version before this. I love that one, but I’m also really digging the Royal Teeth version. Have you heard any of the band’s other songs? Is their EP worth checking out?

  2. […] the sisters were signed to the record label co-owned by none other than the The Knife, a band also recently covered on Chickster. First Aid Kit visited Austin in October for ACL 2012 and kicked off the weekend with a show for […]

  3. Shelby, I like the first track off Royal Teeth’s EP Act Naturally best. It’s called Wild.

  4. These are both great! What a good idea for a section!

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