Do You Like Scary Movies?

Do You Like Scary Movies?

It’s almost impossible to believe it’s been 16 years since that creepy voice on the other end of the phone line first asked Drew Barrymore, “Do you like scary movies?” As someone who actually doesn’t like scary movies with the exception of the “Scream” series and this year’s “Cabin in the Woods” (the latter of which I think should have shut the book on the genre for good), I wasn’t quite shrieking for joy when I heard the Paramount Theatre would be hosting a Halloween Film Fest. But of course, the Paramount programmers didn’t let me down, mixing in funny-scary movies along with horror standards and throwing in an adorable jack-o-lantern twist to boot.

From Friday, Oct. 26, to Wednesday, Oct. 31, the Paramount and its sister theater, the State, will be showing some Halloween classics like “The Exorcist” and “The Omen” along with genre classics like “The Lost Boys” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” Like the Paramount’s Summer Film Classics series, most movies will be presented as double features, which means your $10 ticket gets you into two movies for the price of one.

But the best treat of all is that the Paramount will also hold an inaugural Pumpkin Spooktacular. On Oct. 29-31, all Austinites are invited to bring their carved jack-o-lanterns down to the Paramount. Then each night they’ll be lit inside the theater, creating a magical environment for some scary movie viewing. The website includes details on the carving contest as well as links to patterns. Bring one, and you get into the movie for free.

So will you check out the Halloween Film Fest at the Paramount? What’s your favorite scary movie?

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2 Comments to “Do You Like Scary Movies?”

  1. That pumpkin carving sounds awesome! And you gotta love the original Buffy movie.

  2. You know, I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen it since a slumber party in the fifth grade, so I would totally be up for seeing it again if you’re up for it!

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