Flashback Friday: Video Games of the ‘90s!

Flashback Friday: Video Games of the ‘90s!

Game over videogamesSince nostalgia seems to be all the rage right now, we thought it might be time for a different kind of list—one that includes things from our formative years that helped shape who we are. So every Friday we’ll post a list of things we love from a certain decade, starting with the ‘90s. And what better way to characterize a time period than through its video games? So we at Chickster took a trip to Game Over Videogames recently and felt more than a little nostalgic.

Just walking into this store you see Ataris, Nintendos, Super Nintendos, Nintendo 64s, Nintendo GameCubes and Sega Genesises littering the walls along with every game accessory and paraphernalia imaginable, and some we’ve never imagined.

Super Mario Brothers and Nintendo in all their forms:
Remember when Mario Brothers, Donkey Kong and Zelda ruled the world? Some argue they still do and many remember when the original Super Mario Brothers on the original Nintendo was the height of video game sophistication. We especially remember the way that scandalous dog laughed at us when we missed a duck or two in Duck Hunt. And what about running until you’re out of breath on the power pad, then lying down and drumming it with your hands so it just seemed like you were running? And the movie “Wizard” was one of our favorites, before we really understood how blatant product placement worked. We just knew we wanted that Power Glove and Super Mario Brothers 3 game. In fact, Super Mario Brothers 3 is still our favorite installment! Did you know if you completed the game and restarted you could have about a million p-wings and just fly through every level? What about the warp whistle that skips you to world 8?

And what about when Nintendo got super and introduced Yoshi for the first time in Super Mario World? Having a pet that could ingest bad guys certainly made things easier. And we still play Super Mario Kart on the Wii while gleefully sabotaging other players.

We certainly enjoyed playing Goldeneye 007 on the Nintendo 64 and never letting anyone be Odd Job, since he’s so short you have to completely re-target to hit him. We were still pretty hooked on Goldeneye in college when playing that at parties was still “the thing.”

Sega and Playstation:
With the Sega Genesis and Playstations came a whole slew of now-famous/still-played games including everything from Sonic the Hedgehog (we loved it when that guy spun) and Resident Evil to Gran Turismo and further installments of Final Fantasy. In fact, according to this article, Playstation 1 was the most popular game console of the decade, with Game Boy the most popular hand-held device. (Tetris anyone?)

What about you, readers? What ‘90s games do you enjoy most?

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2 Comments to “Flashback Friday: Video Games of the ‘90s!”

  1. Does it make me too much of a girl to admit that one of my all-time favorite Sega Genesis games is Echo the Dolphin? Yeah, that’s what I thought. I also loved the similarly girlie 7-Up Spot game and, of course, Toe Jam and Earl.

    I still love Yoshi. His noise is pretty much the best thing ever.

    I guess original NES is more ’80s, but my favorite game on that was the Winter Olympics, so yeah, I think that confirms that I have terrible taste in video games.

  2. I love Echo the Dolphin!

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