Five Things We Love This Week

Five Things We Love This Week

Last week we talked about the new glass slippers trend, but did you know that castles aren't just for Europe? According to this article, you can visit several in America!





There's also an under water hotel race going on between Dubai and Fiji. Can you imagine sitting in a room surrounded by what's under the ocean? This is definitely not a hotel for those with any inkling of claustrophobia, but could be amazing for those who don't mind closed-in spaces.



We're also really excited about all the upcoming fall movies! See an excellent list of them here from

And who knew that Hollywood was so often guilty of statutory? We found this article shocking in both its information and its casual tone.

And did you know that you can actually pay to run from a bunch of zombies this December in Austin? It's called the "Run For Your Lives" 5K zombie run. You can also be a zombie that chases runners and gets a T-shirt, but unfortunately all those spots are taken in Austin as well as all volunteer spots. You can read all about it from this article about a previous run or visit the website. If the video on the website looks familiar, it's because they often advertised this run during the most recent season of "The Walking Dead." Brilliant.

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4 Comments to “Five Things We Love This Week”

  1. That zombie run sounds so scary!

  2. But just think how fast you’ll be able to run when you feel like you’re running for your life!

  3. I’m a pretty bad runner, so I’m pretty sure I would be easy prey for the zombies. Hence the fear! I’ll stick to those 5K runs where you get mimosas or margaritas at the end. That’s definitely something to run toward!

  4. I’m going to train until then so I won’t be out within the first ten minutes. (I believe you only get two flags.) Otherwise, it would be a waste of money! I’m also hoping that this is the only time I run for my life from zombies. When it’s by choice and fake. But if not, at least I’ll be ready!

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