Five Things We Love This Week

Five Things We Love This Week

We are not so thrilled about the news of Kstew and Rpattz reuniting, but have started to wonder if this whole thing is a bizarre publicity stunt for “Breaking Dawn.” If so, someone needs to fire her publicist.








We also thoroughly enjoyed this article that battles out which “Pride and Prejudice” adaptation is the best: the Colin Firth version or the Keira Knightley version. We agree the versions are so different they’re hard to compare. Certainly there’re benefits and drawbacks to both, like (benefit) Matthew Macfadyen being a pretty hot Mr. Darcy too and (drawback) Knightley staring at herself in a mirror for several minutes with time she could’ve used to make out with Mr. Darcy; or (benefit) Colin Firth being the best Mr. Darcy ever and (drawback) there being not nearly enough Colin Firth in this movie. (But there’s never enough Colin Firth.) We are a little sad, though, that this article didn’t bring up the awesomeness of “Lost in Austen.”





One thing we certainly appreciated this week was this game of shark or dolphin. We’re pretty positive it’s a shark, though, due to the straight dorsal fin, but that’s just our opinion.




Another thing we’re excited about are the new cast members of “Catching Fire.”






And one thing we really love are people who wrestle gators to save their small dogs…and win. (The dog is fine. So is the man.)

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