Guest Post: Great Wedding Destinations in Austin, Texas

Guest Post: Great Wedding Destinations in Austin, Texas

Austin is brimming with unique cuisine, a diverse and electric nightlife and legendary live music — making it the perfect destination for your wedding. Despite many couples flocking to more traditional destinations, Austin can provide a fantastic backdrop for a wedding both you and your guests won’t forget.

  1. What better place to tie the knot then a historical landmark? Introducing Chateau Bellevue, a fairytale venue that achieves the perfect balance between French elegance and modern day. Chateau Bellevue is a venue that seeks to perfect and tailor your day to your tastes. Step into a different century, and bask in the elegance of this 18th-century mansion with stained-glass windows, crystal chandeliers and a timeless ambiance.
  2. Situated in the Wizard Academy campus, Chapel Dulcinea is elegant, jaw-droppingly beautiful and…free! Before you question your eyes, you did read that correctly: Chapel Dulcinea is one of very few chapels offering free wedding services. The Chapel is cited as being emblematic of endless commitment and beautiful dreams, making it the perfect place for your wedding. It humbly rests on an ancient walking trail, and while modest in size, it is rich in beauty with its prime position overlooking the county. It’s an open-air chapel, eradicating the need for an agonizing decision between an indoor or outdoor ceremony; Chapel Dulcinea is a combination of both!
  3. Built in 1898, the Barr Mansion is a beautiful Victorian-style mansion with lush and opulent flower gardens. They also offer other services, such as floral arrangements and cake design!
  4. The Allan House, situated in the heart of the city, is an elegant Victorian home offering picture-perfect scenes for your special day. The house offers the perfect balance of outdoor and indoor entertainment with its spacious courtyard. The home is so perfect that it almost resembles a dollhouse. You will delight in the idyllic and tranquil atmosphere it exudes with its classic simplicity. With fairy lights adorning the magnificent large oak trees and iron gates, you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped into a fairytale!
  5. Vintage Villas ticks all the boxes for a wedding venue you’re guaranteed to fall in love with. You’ll find these romantic boutique villas overlook Lake Travis, which is perfect for capturing those stunning sunsets. Vintage Villas has it all, catering to a wide selection of tastes while ensuring that you have the wedding you want — a wedding that’s unique and yours. If you’re more inclined to an outdoor wedding, you can tie the knot in the beautiful Arbor Courtyard or the charming Gazebo Gardens. Alternately, you can have your wedding indoors, in the beautiful sunset room, which offers unparalleled views of the lake! This abundance of choice and style is all available in the remote and exclusive area of Hill Country Lane, giving you the privacy you want.

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