Five Things We Love This Week

Five Things We Love This Week

This week is all about girl power. We’re loving everything from glass slippers to orange hair.

If you thought glass slippers were just for fairy tales, you were wrong. We love this new trend that has emerged in fashion recently. Like this pair from Marc Jacobs.

Urban Outfitters has also gotten some heat for a line of T-shirts that seems to encourage drinking. So far it’s been pointed out that possibly teens shouldn’t be sold shirts like this, but teens aren’t the only ones who shop at Urban Outfitters! Seems like an affront to free speech if you ask us, (though we suppose carding for this shirt could be okay.) But imagine if these charges were ever brought against the type of racy T-shirts you can find at Spencer’s Gifts! Where would we get our funny T-shirts?

And who knew anyone could look good with orange hair, but we’re loving Katy Perry that way!

And also, while Florence Welch is on hiatus, check out some of her most startling looks!







We’re also loving this “Perfect Pitch” exclusive clip, featuring one of our favorite “Twilight” cast members.

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