Five Things We Love This Week

Five Things We Love This Week

There have been some interesting Michael Phelps-related news this week from a sexy Louis Vuitton spread/scandal to a fake drowning report in the “Onion.”

There is also, apparently, a way to calculate ones happiness, as found by “The Telegraph.”




“The Atlantic Wire” also blew a cheating scandal wide open…involving Scrabble.





In some animal news, there’s a snake cake that’s so life-like it went viral and someone caught a 948-pound tiger shark.







And if you’re looking for more news about how Robert Pattinson is coping with the cheating of his beloved Kstew, here’s an entertaining clip from “The Daily Show” below. It’s also entertaining that Kstew has been fired from the “Snow White” sequel and that Taylor Lautner has also taken Pattinson’s side in the controversy.

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