How to Make Wicker Park Heels

How to Make Wicker Park Heels

“I have the weirdest question for you in the world,” I said to the Walmart paint guy today. “Have you seen Wicker Park?” He hadn’t. “Okay, well, do you know what type of paint might stick to rubber soles?”

Those who have seen this movie probably already know where this post is headed: the elusive Wicker Park heels, the amazingly innovative black heels with the red soles that the beautiful “Lisa” is often sporting when ducking around corners.

Where do you get them? Well, so far the answer to that question, until I looked into it again recently, was “nowhere,” excepting one legendary shoe store in Salado, Texas, that I’ve never had the patience to stop at while making the 4-hour trek to or from Dallas.

Though upon more research, (and spending hours on the app) I found one obscure blog mention that suggests these black heels with the red soles might have been designed by someone named Christian Louboutin. Wish I knew that before I bought the shiny red spray paint! For years I’ve googled “Wicker Park heels” and come up empty, not that Louboutin shoes have turned out to be in my price range.

So I decided to create my own Wicker Park heels, since I previously couldn’t find them online, and this is how…assuming the paint holds.

Ingredients: a pair of black heels you don’t mind ruining (I got mine from Target for $20), a can of red spray paint that claims it can stick to plastic and other surfaces, an old sheet or tarp and some masking tape.

Then you mummify your shoes (meaning you tape-over everything you don’t want painted) spread the sheet over some ground outside and spray the part of the sole you want red from the distance suggested on the spray paint can. Then let dry for several hours. I chose not to spray the whole sole so I wouldn’t leave red prints when I walked, to avoid looking like I was fleeing some crime scene.

And below is what I came up with. Surely, they’re not perfect and no where near as beautiful as the designer shoes. (Seriously, how did I just find out about these?) I’m not the usual craft-ster, but they’ll work until I can save up enough to buy some real Louboutins!

But those who want to make fun of my lack of painting skill, just remember that I still have a whole half a can of red spray paint at my disposal….


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3 Comments to “How to Make Wicker Park Heels”

  1. those look JUST like the Wicker Park Heels!!!!!!!

  2. Right? Just be sure to tape the parts you don’t want red really well with multiple layers. I had some leakage issues, but I think I can rub that off with a wire brush or sandpaper. We’ll see. 🙂

  3. Sandpaper definitly. The wire brush just scratches up the vinyl.

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