Five Things We Love This Week

Five Things We Love This Week

1) Obviously, the biggest thing happening this week (other than SXSW recovery) is the release of “The Hunger Games.” We kind of doubt the movie is going to be better than this Lana Del Ray parody:

2) And scarier than kids killing kids for food is this super-creative mash-up some dude named Pablo made of movie monsters and villains:

All You Need Is Love from whoispablo on Vimeo.

3) Speaking of SXSW, we are kicking ourselves that we slept through Glen Hansard’s early morning set for KUT at the Four Seasons. The Frames and Swell Season frontman is the most charming storyteller around.

4) Forget Peeta and Gale. We’re Team Brandon all the way.

5) So after all the hubbub of SXSW, maybe it’s a good time to embrace the philosophy writer Pico Iyer soulfully espouses in the New York Times. What’s the longest you’ve ever unplugged for?

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2 Comments to “Five Things We Love This Week”

  1. I thought I was seeing “Hunger Games” but I’m pretty sure I saw a movie called “Shaky Camera” instead. Slightly kidding. Still loved the costumes, the acting, the sets, etc., but it would’ve been nice if I could’ve seen all that better. I hope they stop pretending thos “stylistic” choice is anything other than an attempt to hide the violence and just make the next one rated R if they’re not comfortable with the subject matter. What are they gonna do in the last movie with that one gruesome but pivotal scene? Earth quark camera?

  2. Yeah, I was definitely not a fan of the handheld camera action scenes. You couldn’t tell what was going on either, which I’m sure was the point. But overall, I really enjoyed the movie!

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