Five Things We Love This Week

Five Things We Love This Week

1) As everyone knows, this Sunday marks the biggest sports day of the year. That’s right — it’s time for Puppy Bowl VIII! The 2012 lineup has been released and is full of adorable competitors like Hunter:

The action kicks off on Animal Planet at 2 p.m. this Sunday. As an added bonus, this year’s edition includes a cheering section of piggies!

2) In other animal-related news, this video of our beloved Kristen Bell’s sloth meltdown kept us in stitches all week. Well, you know what they say, Veronica Mars, she’s a marshmallow!

3) Some animals live in zoos, while others lived on your childhood bed. As “The Velveteen Rabbit” knows, that doesn’t make them any less real, which is probably why this essay on childhood stuffed animals from The Gloss got us all choked up.

4) Another week, another trailer for “The Hunger Games.” We wish Cinna would dress us for the premiere.

5) You’ll have to wait until March 23 for “The Hunger Games,” but we heartily recommend that you get your movie fix this weekend from “Chronicle,” which we caught at an Ain’t It Cool News sneak peek last night with filmmaker Josh Trank in attendance. While he may be maddeningly young (27, to be exact) to have a feature bowing in a wide release, Trank did a great job putting a new spin on an old idea — what would happen if we actually had superpowers? The performances from the three leads, which include Michael B. Jordan of “Friday Night Lights” and “The Wire” fame, were great as were the visual effects. The only negative for us was the found-footage format, which we’re growing tired of (IGN has a retrospective on the genre and its flaws), but overall, “Chronicle” is a surprise well-worth the time. Check out the trailer:

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3 Comments to “Five Things We Love This Week”

  1. I’ve already set my Tivo for the puppy bowl. Last year, we went to a friend’s house to watch the big game, and during Half time, instead of watching the Puppy bowl, they changed it to some stupid UFC fight. How crazy is that. I had to watch a recap on-line. But not this year.

  2. That is crazy! Who would rather watch people fighting instead of puppies playing? Good for you for thinking ahead this year.

  3. I also watched the Puppy Bowl. Fumbles was so mean! But so unbelievably cute. And I enjoyed the Kitten Half-time show!

    I love the sloth meltdown. “It’s coming to the party?” Man. Funny.

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