Five Things We Love This Week

Five Things We Love This Week

1) By far, one of the sweetest, most emotional moviegoing experiences we’ve had so far this year came at the hands of The Muppets. The latest Muppet movie (and their first feature film outing in more than a decade) is the perfect movie for the start of the holiday season with Kermit and Co.’s trademark mix of earnestness and meta-humor. Chickster crush Jason Segel and co-writer Nicholas Stoller do an admirable job in bringing our childhood icons back to the silver screen in a way that will appeal to Muppet novices and the nostalgic alike. And if you’re anything like us, you will probably tear up a time or two. The songs are also great, and, of course, you can’t think of the Muppets without thinking of two words:

2) And on the other end of the November movie releases, this reviewer sums up exactly how we felt about “Breaking Dawn, Part 1”:

3) So many great movies will be coming out in the next four weeks, but one of the ones we are most excited about is Chickster favorite Cameron Crowe’s “We Bought a Zoo,” which comes out Dec. 23. The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Crowe in a great cover story that also includes the mix tape (what else?) he made to convince Matt Damon to sign on for the project. We were happy to see our all-time favorite Ryan Adams song (and Crowe knows from Ryan Adams songs), “If I Am a Stranger,” on the playlist. Here’s a video a fan recorded of Adams playing the song solo at a show in Ireland this summer. As usual, his vocals are heartbreakingly gorgeous:

4) The Hairpin has added another great installment to our beloved Scandals of Classic Hollywood series, this time focusing on the fascinating and tragic story of the beautiful Rita Hayworth. Long, but well worth the read.

5) It is officially December, which means it’s time for one of our favorite music genres — Christmas music! Over on HelloGiggles, they’ve assembled a pitch-perfect mix of retro holiday jams, including one of our absolute musts, Darlene Love’s “Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)”:

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10 Comments to “Five Things We Love This Week”

  1. Old Christmas music is the best! I get all nostalgic for a past I never knew…

  2. Haha! That is so well-put. Check out the comments on that post too because one user says the perfect way to get a retro Christmas music station from Pandora is to set it Vince Guaraldi Trio (from Peanuts). I’m off to try that…

  3. Hey I know that movie review guy!

  4. Is that the same Daniel as you, Daniel?????

  5. Ha ha ha. Classic.

  6. Type that’s me

  7. Damn autocorrect. Yup that is me.

  8. Peter Bailey // December 4, 2011 at 12:44 pm //

    Mahna Mahna is one my favorites too, and definitely the catchiest song in Muppets sketches, every few yrs it pops up somewhere and I can’t get it out of my head for a couple of days. But you won’t believe where the song came from … Check it out (SFW):

  9. Wow, thanks for the link, Peter. I never would have guessed the dubious origins of that song (but it’s definitely my favorite Muppet tune).

  10. That’s fascinating. And I loved reading that Jim Henson’s philosophy was “affectionate anarchy.” Thanks for sharing, Peter!

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