Teen Angst Tuesdays at the Highball

Teen Angst Tuesdays at the Highball

Did you know that you can watch live performances of your favorite teen angst television shows at The Highball every Tuesday for a mere $5? (Though luckily my fellow Chickster scored us tickets by winning the Zack Attack album cover drawing contest from last week’s Highball TV Dinner Saved by the Bell mini-marathon. See top drawing of the previous hyperlink.)

The first official Teen Angst Tuesday was the “Spring Fling” episode of 90210. A native 90210 fan and theater kid, I was impressed by the Institution Theater’s tribute to one of the better known episodes of this series. (They’ve also performed Staged by the Bell at the Spiderhouse in the past.) They mostly stuck to the script, while inserting a certain amount of melodrama and mock acting that was truly inspired.

Drew Burton, who played Luke Perry playing Dylan, really had some of that actor’s more annoying quarks nailed. Constantly looking off into space when he was supposedly talking to Brenda, raising those dark eyebrows at irrational times, that raspy voice…

Martina Ohlhauser, who portrayed Tori Spelling portraying Donna, was great at acting like she couldn’t act. Also the “I’m physically melting” crouch that Brenda (Sara Osburn) did whenever Dylan laid a truly lame line on her, was hysterical.

All the actors’ portrayed characters/actors were well-played. You should check it out if you find yourself craving a little more fun than the television can provide on a Tuesday night.

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  1. Are they going to keep doing 90210? They HAVE to do the “Donna Martin Graduates” one!

  2. I hope so!

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