Netflix Instant Pick of the Week: Lost in Austen

Netflix Instant Pick of the Week: Lost in Austen

It’s time again for another Neflix Instant Pick of the week! If you are lucky enough to live in Austin, Texas, you’ll be able to lose yourself in next week’s Girlie Movie Night at the Alamo Drafthouse, enjoying the swoon-worthy classic, Pride and Prejudice.  Who can forget Mr. Darcy striding across a foggy moor to Lizzie (played by Keira Knightley) at the end of the movie? Considering the first time I saw this adaptation on the big screen, one of my companions burst out laughing at that point, I am grateful for this opportunity to unselfconsciously bask in the warm fuzzy feeling this movie produces.

But for all you Austen-ite fans who can’t make it out, you too can get your fix through this little known gem of a movie: 2008’s Lost in Austen. Originally a British TV mini-series, it’s now available on Netflix. Yes, it sounds like it could be terrible, full of cliches and those pesky time travel paradoxes that are carefully ignored, yet somehow, it’s not. I know, because I fully intended to mock it ruthlessly and to my surprise found myself delighted. The story is a witty, tongue-in-cheek take on a modern day Lizzie, who somehow manages to time travel to the setting of the novel, even though a) the story is fictional and b)  her presence naturally totally disrupts the plot we all know by heart. With twists that will make you laugh out loud, it’s sure to please any Jane Austen fan with a sense of humor.

If you can’t get enough of Austen-inspired filmography, take heart, The Guardian newspaper reported that a true movie version of the series was under development with Oscar-winning director Sam Mendes attached as an executive producer. Fingers crossed that we’ll see another brilliant take on this in theaters soon!

*Update: Due to Netflix’s rotation of the movies it allows users to stream online, this flick is not currently available through the instant queue. It may be an attempt by unknown forces to preserve the space-time continuum – or simply coincidence. Either way, you should still add to your list – this one is worth the wait it takes to get it in the mail!

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4 Comments to “Netflix Instant Pick of the Week: Lost in Austen”

  1. Alas, this one is no longer available on Instant. Though when it was, I watched it three times in a matter of months.

  2. Oh, I love this one too. Hopefully it will return to Instant soon.

  3. Great news! It’s back on Instant again.

  4. Absolutely love this series. I’m totally obsessed with Mr. Darcy and want to see more “Lost in Austin” episodes!

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